The Ultimate Pet Duck Guidebook: All the things you need to know before bringing home your feathered friend.

Price: $26.99
(as of Dec 06,2019 07:21:29 UTC – Details)

BLACK & WHITE VERSION This is the reference book that duck-lovers have relied upon for years, newly revised with over 200 added pages! Covering everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your ducks in one comprehensive and pet-friendly guidebook. Written by the Founder & President of Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary, a rescuer who understands the connection between pet ducks and their guardians, this guide treats your feathered friend as a loving and worthy companion. Based on first-hand experiences and containing answers to hundreds of questions, this guide covers everything from day-to-day care, to serious medical issues. You’ll learn essential tips on food, housing, flock management, safety, enrichment and lots more! Complete with inspiring anecdotes and an abundance of photos and illustrations, if you have a pet duck in your life or are considering letting one join your family, this guide is an absolute must.

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